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It’s APPSolutely Worth Trying

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It’s APPSolutely Worth Trying
It’s APPSolutely Worth Trying

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Health Applications for Tech Savvy Nurses

Can we even imagine life before apps existed? There’s literally an application for EVERYTHING! But most people have yet to use apps for their medical needs. The next generation of kids are using smart devices as young as two or three years of age which means that as a nurse, it’s wise to stay up-to-date on the latest ways to make your life and the lives of your patients easier!

Not All Apps Are Alike

If you choose to use a medication management app, speak to your health practitioner about which applications they feel work best.

Download and monitor how well the apps operate and how efficient they send out both reminders and factual information. Familiarizing yourself with the latest technology is the best way to stay in the loop.

Below are some things to consider before selecting a medication management app:

  • 1. Does it require credentials before logging in?
  • 2. Does it have a note section to add your pharmacy/medication information?
  • 3. Does it keep a log of the times you missed your medication?
  • 4. Does it have the option to share your information with health professionals/family/caregivers?
  • 5. Does it remind you that you may need a refill soon?

(Though only two applications are mentioned, there are several options to choose from.)


MediSafe is the leading medication manager application for your mobile phone. It reminds you when to take your medication as well as how to take it safely. The app is free and easy to use. You can even send a PDF progress report to your nurse or doctor. If you accidentally skipped your time slot to take your pill, there’s a section for that too! The latest update is now compatible with the new Apple Watch.

For more information on this application, click here:


MyMeds was named a top system for medication adherence in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. The app tells you what medication you’re taking and why you’re taking it. It reminds you when to take your medication via text, email, or mobile alarm. You’re given an option to track your doses as “taken” or “skipped.” MyMeds has also implemented a motivational point system for all the times you took your medications on time. The safety feature stores your medical records securely and privately on the HIPAA-compliant cloud. You can also keep your healthcare team in sync by adding their profiles. They can receive your medication records via email, text printout, or wallet card. See more information at:

Medication management applications are not approved by the FDA, but they can be used as helpful reminders to help you and/or your patient stay on track with their prescriptions. We all forget things every once in a while – that’s the purpose of this app. Speak to your doctor about which application may work best for you.


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