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How to Make Check-Ups Less Dreadful

How to Make Check-Ups Less Dreadful
How to Make Check-Ups Less Dreadful

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Going to the doctor’s office for a check-up can be a dreadful experience for some of us. The moment we’re asked about our diet, most of us freeze and think about the best answer before saying anything. It’s amazing how you can spend your first few weeks of the new year on the right path. You eat right, you exercise and you feel amazing. But somehow toward the end of the year, you find yourself eating pizza every other weekend and questioning why you’re still paying for your gym membership. Well, the good news is… you’re not alone.

According to, only 8% of people are actually successful in achieving their New Year’s goals. During the transition from Summer to Autumn, most Americans spend less time going out and more time indoors. Autumn also is the season when people reach for warm foods that aren’t nearly as healthy as a fresh salad. The season isn’t the one to blame, but it’s wise to recognize temptation before you fall into a trap.


Here are ways to eat healthy and remain fit throughout the remaining months this year:

Tell A Friend – This tip seems like the easiest thing to do, but it’s also a challenge. You can tell anyone that you plan on staying healthy, but can you find a friend who’s going to follow up with you and push you to eat right? Find one of the most honest people you know and discuss your health goals with them. Your doctor, nurses, physical therapist may be even better people to talk to because they’ve chosen this profession to help you get better.

Subscribe – We subscribe to funny videos and “How-To’s” but how many of us intentionally follow people who eat right and work out on a daily basis. The more you see it in front of you, the more you’ll remember your goals. You can even download podcasts for inspiration and listen to them when you go for a walk/run.

Plan – If you know the deli across the street typically sells meals high in cholesterol and carbs, make your own breakfast and/or lunch. We all know our weaknesses when it comes to food. Bring snacks like: celery, carrots and fruits to work. Purchase fresh produce from the grocery store each week.

Be Creative – Find new workouts to try at home or at the gym. Switch up your routine. Search for new recipes online and try them on your time off. Behaviors that turn into the same day-to-day pattern can start off as a blessing and can quickly get boring. Variety is the spice of life – keep things interesting.

See a Health Professional – Most people avoid the doctor’s office as much as possible, but consider going as often as you can. You can check-in and get the best advice to be the best version of yourself.

It’s never to late to be healthy. Get active, get going and you won’t feel nearly as guilty during your next check-up.


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